版本: 20.0

类别: TimeLine functions
Constants for managing the TimeLine controls
The following functions are used to manage the TimeLine controls:
The 事件时间轴型 type is used to define the advanced characteristics of an event displayed in a Timeline control.
Adds a new track to a TimeLine control.
  • the list of events found between two given times in a TimeLine control,
  • all the events of a TimeLine control,
  • a specific event (selected or hovered).
Deletes an event from a TimeLine control.
Deletes all the events and all the tracks from a TimeLine control
Deletes a track from a TimeLine control.
Modifies the period (which means the number of seconds, milliseconds, microseconds, ...) displayed by a Timeline control.
Reinitializes the content of a TimeLine control from its data source (HFSQL file for example).
Adds an event into a TimeLine control.