版本: 20.0

类别: Organizer functions
Constants for managing the Organizer controls
Returns for a given position in the Organizer control (coordinates of a point in the organizer):
  • the subscript of the appointment for the specified position.
  • the date corresponding to the specified position.
Displays an Organizer control from a specified date or returns the date of the first day (or the date of the last day) displayed in an Organizer control.
Deletes all the appointments from an Organizer control.
Deletes an appointment from an Organizer control.
Deselects an appointment from an Organizer control.
Returns the display mode of an Organizer control: day, week, month, ...
Modifies the time range displayed by an Organizer control (Day/Week/Month).
Defines the time range displayed by the Organizer control in Day mode or in Week mode.
Displays the next period (day, week or month) in an Organizer control.
Adds a new appointment into an Organizer control.
Selects an appointment in an Organizer control.
The 日程表重复型 type is used to describe and modify the characteristics for repeating an appointment via several WLanguage properties.
  • the list of appointments found between two dates in an Organizer control,
  • all the appointments found in an Organizer control,
  • a specific appointment (selected or hovered).
The 日程表预约型 type is used to define the advanced characteristics of an appointment: time, location, ...