版本: 20.0

类别: Map functions
Constants for managing the Map controls
Functions for managing the Map controls
Returns the geographical position (latitude and longitude) corresponding to a point of a Map control.
Returns the coordinates (in pixels) of the point corresponding to a geographical position (latitude and longitude).
Modifies a marker displayed in a Map control.
Deletes all the markers from a Map control.
Deletes a marker from a map displayed by a Map control
Deletes an itinerary from a Map control.
Runs the native code of the Google Maps API in a Map control in Javascript.
Centers the map displayed in a Map control on a geographical position or on a specific location.
Adds a new marker onto a map displayed in a Map control.
Adds an itinerary onto a Map control.
Indicates the "Google Maps API" license key that must be used in the Map controls (of WinDev or WebDev).
Calculates the distance of an itinerary in a Map control.
Declares additional parameters for the Map control that will be transmitted to the Google API.
The 地址型 type is used to handle the address of a location or the address of a person.
The 标记型 type is used to define the characteristics of a tag that must be positioned on a map displayed in a Map control.