版本: 20.0

类别: Functions for managing the Euro
In a WinDev application or in a WebDev site, the Euro must be managed in all the controls used to enter or display currency values ...
List of constants used by the functions for managing the Euro.
List of Euro functions
Since January 1 2002, the Euro becomes the only currency in most European countries...
List of properties linked to the Euro management
Converts a value expressed in a specific currency into Euro.
Converts a value expressed in Euro into another currency.
Returns the rounding difference between:
  • the value displayed in a "Currency + Euro" control,
  • the associated control used for dual display.
Adds or modifies the characteristics of a currency in the exchange table of currencies.
Returns the caption of a currency.
Identifies or modifies the stored currency used by default.
Returns the value of the exchange rate for a currency.
Converts a currency into another currency.
Identifies or modifies the display currency used by default.