版本: 20.0

类别: Functions for managing the controls
The principle of the assisted input in an edit control is straightforward ...
The Control type is used to define the characteristics of a control.
Starts a navigation operation in an HTML control.
Returns the number of the next row displayed in the current Table control.
Saves a persistent value in the registry or in another file specified by 初始化参数.
Returns the name of the Nth control found in the specified element.
  • the subscript of the current subscripted column in a memory Table or in a browsing Table control.
  • the number of the column currently in edit in the specified browsing Table or memory Table control.
Initializes the management of persistent values.
Deletes a parameter (or a set of parameters) saved either by 保存参数, or automatically via the persistence of data in the controls.
Reads a persistent value.
Defines the next control that will be in edit in the current window.
Used to modify:
  • the time-out before displaying the tooltips.
  • the display duration of the tooltips.
Depending on the specified control, returns:
  • the number of the current row displayed in the current Table control,
  • the number of the option with focus in a check box control.
Automatically opens a popup menu for the current control or window.
Creates a new control (of any type) in a window by programming.
Returns the name of the Tab control that contains the specified control.
Returns the icon corresponding to the specified type of control.
Modifies the style of a control dynamically.
Returns the number of occurrences of a control in a window, in a page or in a group of controls.
Converts a text string into an HTML string (the CR characters are replaced by <BR>, the accented characters are replaced by their equivalent in HTML, ...).
Converts an external string into RTF format.
Calculates the width (in pixels) of the text displayed in an edit control, in a Combo Box control or in a Static control.
Calculates the height (in pixels) of the text displayed in an edit control, in a Static control or in a Combo box control.
Adds a link onto a section of text in an edit control.
Modifies or retrieves the position of one of the scrollbars (horizontal or vertical) found in a control of a WinDev application.
Identifies the "parent" of a graphic object: control, column, window, page, ...
Gives focus:
  • to a control (found in a window, in a page or in a frameset).
  • to a window.
Closes the list of values proposed by the assisted input for an edit control.
Clears the list of values proposed for the assisted input of an edit control.
Opens the list of values proposed by the assisted input for an edit control.
Adds a row into the list of values available for the assisted input of an edit control.
Configures the spelling checker of OpenOffice for the edit controls and for the table columns found in the application.
Enables you to resume the input in the specified control, window or page.
  • all the controls found in the current window or page (including the groups of controls, the supercontrols and the internal windows).
  • the controls found in a group of controls, a supercontrol, an internal window or an internal page.
Changes the characteristics of the selection bar in a Table control, Combo Box control or List Box control.