版本: 20.0

类别: Drag and Drop functions
For some types of controls, WinDev and WebDev propose an automatic management of Drag and Drop.
List of constants used by the functions for managing the Drag and Drop.
The Drag and Drop from the explorer consists in selecting one or more files in the Windows explorer and in transferring them into a control of a WinDev window...
The following functions are used to manage Drag and Drop:
The Drag and Drop is used to transfer data between several controls with the mouse. This data can be moved between several controls found in the same application or in different applications.
The programmed Drag and Drop is used to entirely manage the Drag/Drop between the different types of controls...
Enables or disables the ability to perform "Drag and Drop" from the Windows explorer to a WinDev window or control.
Retrieves the number and the name of the files "dropped" from the explorer.
Indicates the procedure to run during an event of Drag/Drop.
Manages the mouse cursor and specifies the action allowed during Drag and Drop.
鼠标拖放强制 is kept for backward compatibility.
Indicates the action accepted by the target of Drag/Drop and manages the mouse cursor during Drag/Drop.
Adds a Widget into a Dashboard control during a Drag and Drop.
Indicates the type of data and the data to copy/move during Drag/Drop.
Checks whether a specific type of data is available during Drag/Drop.
Retrieves a specific type of data during Drag/Drop.