• Overview
  • Print font
  • Dynamic font
  • Printer font
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Step 2: Creating the print fonts

This step allows you to define and choose the different fonts that will be used in the printed document. You can choose and define:
  • specific print fonts: these fonts will be available when printing with the WLanguage functions.
  • dynamic fonts, that can be used on the screen (in windows, drawings) as well as when printing in WLanguage.
This step is optional.

The default font is used if no font is specified for the print.

  • Font: Don't care,
  • Font #0,
  • size: 12 picas,
  • normal style,
  • color: black.
Caution: You can only print by using the printer fonts. If the font used is not available, the closest font will be used.

Linux See Printing in Linux for more details.

Print font
The print fonts are created by 打印创建字体. This function allows you to choose:

  • the typeface (name and family)
    Constants for the typeface
打印.信件Courier font (fixed character width)
打印.Roman字体Roman font (exotic font)
打印.Swiss字体Swiss font (quality font)
打印.默认Any font ("Don't care")
  • the size (of the characters)
  • the attributes (bold, italic, underlined)
    Constants for the attributes.
(default value)
Standard font, without attributes
字体.粗体Bold font
打印.下划线Underlined font
字体.斜体Italic font
字体.删除线Strikeout font
字体.紧缩Condensed characters
字体.延长Extended characters
字体.宽体Large characters

The different parameters of the font are defined via several constants.

Each font is associated with a number. To choose the print font, all you have to do is use 打印字体.

Dynamic font
WinDevWindows You also have the ability to create dynamic fonts. A "Font" variable allows you to create a font that can be used in all the objects of the project: windows, reports, prints, charts, drawings, ...

The dynamic fonts are used to print a text oriented at 90° for example (with the ..角度 property of the dynamic font).

To define a dynamic font:

  1. Create a Font variable.
  2. Define the characteristics of the font:
To choose a print font, all you have to do is use 打印字体.

Printer font
WinDevWindows The printer manufacturers install fonts on their printers. These fonts are called "printer" fonts.

Unlike the software fonts (such as "True Type"), these fonts can be directly accessed by the printer, they do not have to be downloaded.

In the lists of fonts, the printer fonts are identified by a "printer" icon in front of the name of the font.

Caution: unexpected display effects may occur when using the printer fonts.

If you are using printer fonts, these fonts will be interpreted by the printer only. During the print preview, the display of the fonts is managed by Windows. As it does not support these specific fonts, Windows uses the nearest display font.