• Overview
  • Displaying the "Analysis" pane
  • Display mode of the "Analysis" pane
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The "Analysis" pane lists:
  • the data files and the items found in the current analysis.
  • the stored procedures, the stored queries and the triggers found in the current analysis.

The popup menu (right mouse click) of the "Analysis" pane is used to:

  • Open the analysis.
  • Create a trigger.
  • Display the description of the files.
  • View the description of the files.
  • Print the analysis documentation.
  • Manage the custom-folders. See Custom-folders in the analysis for more details.
Caution: The information displayed corresponds to the analysis currently described in the data model editor. This information can differ from the one displayed in the "Project explorer" pane (that displays the information of the last generated analysis).

Displaying the "Analysis" pane
To display the "Analysis" pane:
  1. Select "Tools.. Options.. Options of the environment".
  2. In the "Panes" tab, check "Analysis".
  3. Validate.
To display the "Analysis" pane, on the "首页" pane, in the "环境" group, expand "窗格" and select "Analysis".

See Handling the dockable panes for more details.

Display mode of the "Analysis" pane
Three display modes are available:
  • the "TreeView" mode.
  • the "Icons" mode.
  • the "Details" mode.
In "Icons" and "Details" mode, a drop-down list allows you to select the analysis file (".WDA" extension) to use. The bottom section lists the name and type of the items that belong to the data file selected in the top section.