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  • Checking out an element
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  • Checking out an element
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To work on a project element found in the Source Code Manager, you must check out the element before you can modify it.

Two check-out modes are available:

  • Manual check-out: An element must be checked out before it can be modified.
  • Automatic check-out: The element is automatically checked out during the first attempt to modify the element.
To change the check-out mode:
  1. Select "Tools .. Options .. General options of WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile".On the "首页" pane, in the "环境" group, expand "选项" and select "General options of WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile".
  2. Select the "General" tab. The "Check out elements during the first modification" option is used to switch all the projects opened from the current product to the automatic mode.
    Caution: In this version, the automatic mode is supported by the windows, the pages, the queries and the reports.
  3. Validate.

Checking out an element

How to check out an element?

  • 1st solution: check-out requested (available regardless of the check-out mode):
    1. Select the element in the project graph (or in the "Project explorer" pane).
    2. Select "Check out" from the popup menu of the element.
      You also have the ability to select "SCM .. Check out the element" or to usefrom the editor of the element.Other solution: on the "源代码管理器" pane, in the "当前元素" group, click "提取" ().
  • 2nd solution: manual check-out ("Check-out during first modification" unchecked):
    1. Open the element in the editor. An orange panel indicates that the element has not been checked out and that it cannot be modified.
    2. In the orange panel, click the checkout icon to modify the element.
  • 3rd solution: automatic check-out ("Check-out during first modification" checked):
    1. Open the element in the editor.
    2. Perform the requested modification. When validating the modification, the SCM automatically proposes to check out the element in order to modify it. If the checkout is validated, the modification is performed on the checked-out element. If the check-out is refused, the element is not modified.

Checking out an element

Regardless of the method used to check out the element, the following options are proposed by SCM during the check-out:

The check-out mode can be:

  • Exclusive: nobody can check out this element until it is checked back in. The element can be checked out for test only.
  • For test: the element can be modified but the modifications will not be checked back in.
  • Multiple: the element can also be checked out by other users. In this case, the differences between the different versions of the element can be viewed when the element is checked back in.
Validate. The element is opened. The title bar indicates that the element is checked out.


  • If you try to modify the source code of an element that is not checked out, the Source Code Manager automatically proposes to check out the element.
  • If you check "Don't display this message anymore in this case (click 'check out')", you will be able to redisplay this window via the options of the SCM administrator.

Checking out an element already checked out in exclusive mode

If the element to check out was already checked out in exclusive mode by another user, the following window is displayed by the Source Code Manager:

You can:

  • See the characteristics of the checked-out element ("Properties")
  • Send a message to the person who checked out the element ("Send a message" button).
    Reminder: an email application is supplied with WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile. This messaging is using the parameters specified in the control centers (users, location of files, ...).To display the messaging, select "Display ..Toolbars .. Panes .. Messaging".To display the messaging, on the "工具" pane, in the "控制中心" group, click "WDBal - 信箱".
  • Check out the element for test only. In this case, the modifications made to the element will be ignored in the reference project (found on the SCM server).