• Overview
  • The tooltips
  • The status bar
  • The standard help windows
  • The help in HLP or CHM format
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The different types of help systems in a WinDev application

Several solutions are available to provide help to the users:The first three types of help systems are directly created in the window editor, in the description of each control ("Help" tab). These help systems have a simple presentation and they cannot be linked among themselves.

The fourth type of help system is created in the help editor. It produces a more structured help system, allowing you to guide the users step by step.

The tooltips
The tooltips are light yellow rectangles that are displayed when a control is hovered by the mouse cursor. A tooltip contains a help message regarding the hovered control. A tooltip can inform the user of the expected currency when entering a price for instance.

By default, the tooltips are automatically enabled in a WinDev application. The message displayed in the tooltip is entered in the "Help" tab of the description window of the controls.

The status bar
When a window contains a status bar, information can be displayed in this status bar. Two possibilities:
  • The message is linked to a control. The message can be entered in the "Help" tab of the description window of the controls. The message will be displayed when the control is selected by the user.
  • The message is linked to a process performed by programming. To do so, use 消息 to specify the message to display.

See Status bar of windows for more details.

The standard help windows
WinDevWindows The standard help windows are standard "Windows" windows used to display an explanatory text associated with a control.

This title of this window and its message are entered in the "Help" tab of the description window of the controls. No image can be used in these windows.

If this window was defined for a control, the window will be automatically displayed when pressing the F1 key.

The help in HLP or CHM format
WinDevWindows A help system contains a summary, keywords (index) and pages. When the user consults the help, he reads the content of a help page. These pages can contain images, links to other pages, ...

Two formats of help systems are available in WinDev:

  • help in HLP format
  • help in CHM format

This help system can be started according to three methods:

  • full help: the help file is displayed directly.
  • full context-sensitive help: the help file is started on a specific page corresponding to the current window or control.
  • graphic tooltip: the help is displayed as a context-sensitive tooltip.
    For example: Context-sensitive help

For more details, see: Creating a help file.

See Starting the help for more details.