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User dictionary

A dictionary is used to store the different elements of WinDev, WebDev or WinDev Mobile in order to re-use them later. By default, the management of the dictionary is performed in the pane.

However, you can also associate a dictionary with a user (identified by a user name and password). This dictionary can be opened from the "Dictionary" pane but also from the "Wizards, Examples and Components" pane ("User" tab).

Caution: The user dictionary can only be used to add elements to a project. To add elements to this dictionary, use the "Dictionary" pane. See Handling a dictionary for more details.

Defining a user dictionary
A specific dictionary can be defined for each user. The elements found in this dictionary (controls, windows, etc.) can be accessed directly from the "Wizards, Examples and Components" pane ("User" option).

To define the dictionary associated with the current user:

  1. Create a dictionary (if not already done) in the "Dictionary" pane. See Handling a dictionary for more details.
  2. Display the options of the product used ("Tools .. Options .. General options of WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile").Display the options of the product used: on the "首页" pane, in the "环境" group, expand "选项" and select "General options of WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile".
  3. Specify the dictionary (".DIC" file) specific to the current user ("User dictionary" option).
    The elements found in the specified dictionary will be accessible from the "Dictionary" pane during the next opening of WinDev, WebDev or WinDev Mobile.
See "Dictionary" pane for more details.

Note: By default, each element is associated with an image. To customize this image, modify the properties of the dictionary element ("Properties" from the popup menu of the element in the "Dictionary" pane).