• Overview
  • Creating the Break Header block
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The Break header block is an optional block found in the reports created with the report editor. It is created if a break is requested on a sort argument. The Break footer block necessarily exists if this block exists.

This block is run whenever the value of the sort argument changes, before the first iteration of the Body block for a new value of the sort argument.

Note: The Break header and footer blocks cannot be dissociated. However, one of these blocks can be made invisible if necessary (in the description window of the block or by ..可见). See Describing the report blocks for more details.

Creating the Break Header block
To create a Break Header block:
  1. Perform one of the following operations in the report editor:
      • select "Insert .. New block".
      on the "创建" pane, in the "结构" group, expand "块".
    • select "Add a block" from the popup menu of the report (right mouse click on the report currently created).
    • click the "Add a block" button in the "Blocks" tab of the report description.
  2. Select "Break".
  3. Select the item linked to the break currently created. A break will be created for each new value of this item.
    Note: To create a programmed break, select "No item". See Break in a report for more details.
Reminder: The Break header and footer blocks are also created when a break is added into the report. See Break in a report for more details.