• Overview
  • Creating a chart report
  • Creation
  • Information specific to the chart creation
  • Creating a Chart control in an existing report
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The report editor allows you to create "Chart" reports.

The report contains a Chart control. By default, this chart is printed in the End of document block.

The position of the chart can be modified. To do so, select the control and keep the left mouse button down when moving the chart.


Note: You also have the ability to create a report containing a table and a chart ("File ..New .. Report .. Table + Chart"). See Table + Chart report for more details.

Creating a chart report


To create a "Chart" report, select "File .. New .. Report .. Chart". The wizard for report creation starts. In this wizard, you must specify:
  • the data source of the report (data file, query, ...). See Data source of a report for more details.
  • the information specific to the creation of the chart.

Information specific to the chart creation

The information specific to chart creation is as follows:
  • the type of chart (stock, pie, line, ...).
  • the data sources of the chart:
  • the values displayed in the chart. The values come from the items associated with the report.
  • the caption of the value. This caption comes from an item associated with the report. This caption corresponds to:
    • the label of a data category (or section):

    • the label of a data series.

  • the frequency of the marks on the vertical/horizontal axis of the chart (if necessary) and the aspect of the chart (raised, color gradient and gridlines).
  • the titles: title of the chart and title of the axes (if necessary).

Creating a Chart control in an existing report

A Chart control can also be created in an existing report ("Insert .. New control .. Create a chart control"). See Chart control for more details.