• Overview
  • Opening a window
  • Minimizing a window
  • Current Window
  • Closing a window
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Modal management of a window

The window that opens another window is called parent window ; the window opened by the parent window is called child window. In modal opening, a parent window can only have a single child window.

This opening mode does not allow you to manage the multi-windowing.

In modal opening:

  • the parent window and the child window cannot be in edit at the same time. The child window is the only window that can be in edit.
  • to perform an input in the parent window, the child window must be closed.
  • the parent window cannot be closed as long as the child window is opened.
  • once the child window is closed, the parent window becomes the current window.
  • if the child window is minimized, the entire project is minimized with the icon of the current window (or with the icon of the project if the window has no icon).

Opening a window
打开 opens the window in modal mode.

The last opened window is in edit. The other windows cannot be in edit as long as the last window remains opened.

The child window is always displayed on top of the parent window.

Minimizing a window
If the window is minimized, the entire project is minimized. The icon used is the icon of the current window (or the icon of the project if the window has no icon).

A window can be minimized:

A window can be restored:

Current Window
The current window is the window that has focus, which means the window whose title bar is active and whose code for focus gain has been run .

The current window is always the last window opened.

No input can be performed in a window other than the current window.

Closing a window
Windows are closed by the 关闭 function. This function used without specifying the name of the window to close will close the last window that was opened.