• Overview of the Spin control
  • Vocabulary associated with the Spin control
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Overview of the Spin control
A Spin control is used to increase or reduce a value found in a control. The Spin control can be associated with an edit control for example.

A Spin control can be oriented vertically of horizontally.

A Spin control includes a lower bound and an upper bound that represent the limits of the values taken by the Spin control. The value of the Spin control is given by the value of the control.

To create a Spin control:

  1. In the window editor, click(or select "Insert .. Control .. Spin").On the "创建" pane, in the "显示控件" group, click "上下控件".
  2. Click the position where the control must be created in the window. The control appears in creation mode.
To display the characteristics of the control, select "Description" from the popup menu of the control. You have the ability choose the orientation of the spin.

Vocabulary associated with the Spin control
To easily handle a spin control, you must be familiar with the following vocabulary:
Increment stepStep of the scrollbar when the user clicks one of the buttons found in the spin control or when he uses one of the arrow keys. The value of the spin control is increased or reduced by the value of increment step.
Initial valueValue of the spin when opening the window.
Minimum valueValue of the spin in its initial position (1 by default). This value corresponds to the lower bound.
Maximum valueValue of the spin in its final position. This value corresponds to the upper bound.