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Check the spelling in the edit controls (Open Office or Word)

WinDev gives you the ability to use the spelling checker in the edit controls found in the WinDev applications.

This spell check can be performed on the user computer:

  • with Word,
  • with OpenOffice 2.0 (or later).
In order for the spell check to be performed with OpenOffice, you must:
  1. Install OpenOffice on the computer of the end user. See How do I install OpenOffice 2.0? for more details
  2. Install the dictionaries of OpenOffice on this same computer. See How do I install OpenOffice 2.0? for more details
  3. Request the spelling checker on the different controls found in the application (edit control, table column):
    • check "Check the spelling" in the "Details" tab of the description window of the control.
    • use ..检查拼写 in the WLanguage code.
    • use 配置拼写检查 in the WLanguage code.

Operating mode
Two spelling checkers can be proposed depending on the word processor installed on the end-user computer.

If the word processor is Word, the spelling checker can be automatically started on the edit controls ("Spelling" from the popup menu).

Spell check with Word

Note: This option is proposed only if Word is installed on the current computer.

If the word processor is OpenOffice, the spelling checker is automatically performed in the edit controls and in the table columns: the words not found in the dictionary of OpenOffice are automatically underlined in red. The popup menu of the underlined word enables you to select one of the proposed words or to add the word into the dictionary.

Spell check with OpenOffice

Note: This option is proposed only if OpenOffice and its dictionary are installed on the current computer. The dictionary is not installed by default.