• Overview
  • Columns of the memory tables
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A memory table is directly linked to the lists stored in memory. It automatically manages the advanced mechanisms for handling the list boxes.

A memory table corresponds to several lists managed in parallel. Therefore:

  • all the columns contain the same number of elements
  • the subscripts of the columns evolve in parallel
  • adding or inserting a row into the table performs an insertion into all the columns
  • deleting a row from the table performs a deletion from all the columns
The content of the table must be initialized in by programming.

Columns of the memory tables
The columns of a memory table can be:
  • linked to a memory zone (for the memory tables),
  • calculated whenever a row is displayed (calculated columns). For example, columns used to perform calculations from the data found in the current row.
For the calculated columns:
  • the content of the column is recalculated whenever a row is displayed. It is not stored.
  • the calculation formula of a calculated column must be entered in the display process of a table row.
  • we do not recommend that you use editable columns. The processes associated with a calculated column (entry, exit and whenever modified) are useless.