• Processes managed by default
  • Optional processes
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Processes associated with the ListView controls

Processes managed by default
WinDev manages the following processes by default (in the order in which they appear in the code editor):
ProcessRuntime condition
InitializationRun when the window is opened. *

Special case: Browsing listview filled automatically:

When this code is run, the listview is not filled yet. To force the listview to be filled in this code, use:
End of initializationCode found for a browsing listview automatically filled only:
Run once the listview was filled. This code enables you to select an element in the listview, to add or modify an element.
EntryRun when the control takes focus
ExitRun when changing control (TAB key, change of control with the mouse, ...)
Row displayRun when a new element must be displayed in the listview: re-displaying the listview, scrolling or moving in the listview, ...
Selecting a rowRun when the user selects an element in the row or changes the selected element.

(*) By default, the "Initialization" process of each control is run according to the creation order of the controls in the window. To modify this runtime order:
  1. Select "Windows .. Edit the initialization order".On the "窗口" pane, in the "顺序" group, click "初始化".
  2. In the window that is displayed, use the arrows on the right to modify the initialization order of controls.

Optional processes
Several optional processes can be managed.

To manage an optional process, all you have to do is select it in the icon bar of the code window.

You have the ability to manage:

  • the rollover of the control by the mouse,
  • the left mouse button down, up, with a double click,
  • the right mouse button down, up, with double click,
  • the mouse wheel, ...