• Processes managed by default
  • Processes of the stream associated with the Conference control
  • Processing the connection request of a new stream
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Processes managed by default
WinDev manages the following processes by default (in the order in which they appear in the code editor):
ProcessRuntime condition
Initializing the Conference controlRun when opening the window. *

(*) By default, the "Initialization" process of each control is run according to the creation order of the controls in the window. To modify this runtime order:
  1. Select "Windows .. Edit the initialization order".On the "窗口" pane, in the "顺序" group, click "初始化".
  2. In the window that is displayed, use the arrows on the right to modify the initialization order of controls.

Processes of the stream associated with the Conference control
WinDev also enables you to view the processes specific to the stream associated with the Conference control. To view these processes, select "Code of associated stream" from the popup menu of the Conference control.
ProcessRuntime condition
Initialization (*)Run when opening the window.
Connection request of a new streamRun when a new stream is detected.
End of connectionRun when the correspondent of the stream disconnects.

See WinDev and the streams for more details.

Processing the connection request of a new stream
The "Connection request of a new stream" process is run when a new stream attempts to connect to the current application.

This process accepts a parameter.

To manage this parameter, a procedure is automatically declared in the "Connection request from new stream" process.

This procedure uses the following syntax:


Where "nStreamID" is an integer variable corresponding to the identifier of the detected stream.