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Drop-down menus of the query editor

The tables below describe the actions of the menu options ("Query" and "Display") specific to the query editor.

Query option

Description of the queryOpens the description window of the query.
Edit the parametersDisplays the list of query parameters (queries with parameters only).
Edit the links/joinsDisplays the description window of query joins (if the query is based on several linked files).
Run the query testRuns the query in test mode and displays the result.
SQL codeDisplays the SQL code corresponding to the query in the code editor.
Reverse engineering of the queryGenerates the graphic display of the current SQL query
Consistency with the analysisDisplays the list of inconsistencies between the WinDev or WebDev analysis and the query (only if modifications have been made to the analysis and if the analysis and the project have not been synchronized).
Optimize the queryDefines the modifications that must be made to the analysis associated with the project to optimize the execution speed of the current query
Create a report based on this queryGenerates a report based on the current query.

Display option

Grid enabledEnables the snap-on grid in the editor. This grid is used to position the query elements according to vertical and horizontal markers.
Grid visibleDisplays the snap-on grid in the editor (displays horizontal and vertical markers).
Print areasDisplays the print area. The print areas are delimited by dotted lines in the query editor.
The graph of the query will be printed according to these areas.
ZoomPerforms a zoom in the query editor according to the specified zoom value.
ToolbarsConfigures the toolbars and the general interface of WinDev or WebDev
Stream animationAnimates (or not) the streams of the query.