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To display the query editor, all you have to do is create a new query ("File .. New .. Query") or open an existing query ("File .. Open").To display the query editor, you must:
  • create a new query:
    • clickfound in the quick access buttons.
    • click "Queries" in the wheel that is displayed.the window for creating a new element is displayed: click "Queries".
  • open an existing query (via the "Project explorer" pane for example).

The main elements of the query editor are as follows:

Gives quick access to the main features of the query editor.
SQL code of the current query
Graphic representation of the current query
Scrollbars are used to scroll the representation of the query if the size of this representation is quite important. You also have the ability to perform a zoom (via the mouse: [Ctrl] + Mouse wheel).
Dockable panes

ImportantIn Reports and Queries, only the accessible elements are listed in the "Project explorer" pane.
List of items and parameters of the selected query
If the query is run by programming (H执行查询), the order in which the parameters are passed (for a H执行查询) corresponds to the order specified in this list.

ImportantIn Reports & Queries, the list of items and parameters of the selected query is not available.
Description window of the current query.
Used to find out and modify all the characteristics of the query.
When a query cannot be entirely displayed in the workspace, the browser enables you to easily move within this query.
Opened documents
Displays a button for each document (reports, queries, ...) opened in the editor. To display the requested element in the foreground, click the corresponding "button".