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The main elements of the data model editor of WinDev are as follows:

Toolbars and drop-down menu
Gives quick access to the main features of the data model editor. You have the ability to:
  • customize the toolbar,
  • move the toolbar,
  • hide the toolbar.
Analysis graph
Scrollbars allow you to scroll the graph elements (analysis containing several files). You also have the ability to perform a zoom in the graph to better view the analysis elements ([Ctrl] + mouse wheel).
Analysis pane, top section
Returns the list of files found in the current analysis.
Analysis pane, bottom section
Returns the name and type of the items found in the file selected in the top part.
Description window of the files
Used to:
  • view and/or modify the characteristics of the analysis files.
  • access the description window of the file items.
Opened documents
Displays a button for each document opened in the editor. To display the requested element in the foreground, click the corresponding "button".
The custom-folders
Used to organize the environment. A custom-folder is used to store elements, part of the application for example: the management of customers, the management of suppliers, etc.
Browser window
Used to view all the elements found in the opened folder.