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You are interested by a window found in a non-WinDev application?

You want to retrieve its interface?

Nothing's easier. WinDev allows you to import an opened window into the current environment.

The window is imported into the current project. Each window element is automatically transformed into a WinDev element (static control, edit control, button, ...).

Note: All the window elements are imported but you may have to modify the window in order to get the requested interface.

How to proceed?
To import a window into a WinDev project:
  1. Open the WinDev project into which the window must be imported.
  2. Select "File .. New .. Window".Clickamong the quick access buttons.
    • Click "Window" in the wheel that is displayed.The window for creating a new element is displayed: click "Window" then "Window".
    • The wizard for window creation starts.
  3. Display the "Import" tab. The windows currently displayed on the current computer are automatically listed. These windows are identified by their title (displayed in the title bar).
    Note: The "Generate images for the unrecognized controls" option is used to make the final interface closer to the interface of the window to import.
  4. Validate. The preview of the window to import is displayed.
  5. Modify (if necessary) the type of control created when importing the window ("Details" button).
  6. Validate. The window is automatically included in the current WinDev project.

Are not imported:
  • The code of the elements.
  • The controls other than the following controls:
    • standard controls of Windows,
    • Delphi controls,
    • Visual Basic controls.
  • The images and the background images (except if "Generate images for the unrecognized controls" is checked).
  • The color of the elements.