• Overview of the Calculated control
  • Report control
  • Creating a calculated control
  • Important: Difference between calculation and calculation on break
  • Notes
  • Specific "Calculated" control: "Currency + Euro"
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Overview of the Calculated control

Report control

The "Calculated" control is used to perform calculations in a report. These calculations can be made:
  • on an item of the data source.
  • on a control found in the report.
  • by programming.

Creating a calculated control
To create a "Calculated" control:
  1. In the report editor:
    • click.
    • select "Insert .. New control .. Calculation".
    On the "创建" pane, in the "常用控件" group, click "计算".
  2. Click the position where the control must be created in the report.
  3. In the wizard for creating the Calculated control, specify:
    • whether the calculated control counts the records.
    • whether the calculated control performs a calculation on an item or control. In this case, select the type of calculation (sum, average, ...) and the source for the calculation (control name or item name).
    • whether the calculated control displays a calculation performed by programming. In the list, select the mask to use.
This information can be modified in the description window of the control ("Description" from the popup menu).

Important: Difference between calculation and calculation on break

In the calculations on break, the control is re-initialized after each break.


Specific "Calculated" control: "Currency + Euro"

If the type of the "Calculated" control is "Currency + Euro", you have the ability to manage:
  • the stored currency: currency of the data found in the data source of the report. If the control is handled by programming, the currency used for the value will be the stored currency.
  • the displayed currency: currency used to display the value in the report. This currency can differ from the stored currency. The conversion is automatically performed.
  • the dual display: two "Currency + Euro" controls can be linked. The value displayed in the base control is automatically converted in the tracker control.